Tax on packs of cigs going up
November 11, 1998: 3:57 p.m. ET

California's Proposition 10 apparently approved, hiking cigarette tax 50 cents
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LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- The controversial California ballot measure calling for a 50-cent-a-pack tax increase on cigarettes apparently has been approved.
     With all but 200,000 ballots counted, proponents of Proposition 10 rang in with a 57,000 vote lead, making it virtually certain that the measure will succeed.
     Alfie Charles, spokesperson from the California Secretary of State's office, told CNN that the final votes to be counted would have to take a 20 percent swing in the other direction to change the final outcome. The chance of that happening is very unlikely.
     The outstanding ballots are from smaller counties throughout California. Legally they have until Dec. 1 to report the final numbers.
     Proposition 10 was supported by actor-director Rob Reiner, who put large amounts of his own money into the campaign for the measure.
     Once passed, Proposition 10 will use the money collected from the tax increase for children's health care and education. Opponents say very little of the money raised will be allocated to those areas.
     Proposition 10 will take effect Jan. 1, increasing the current 37 cent tax to 87 cents. Back to top


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