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Eade smiles on Palm
October 4, 2000: 5:54 p.m. ET

Argus' director of equity research also likes Juniper, Oracle, Apple
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NEW YORK (CNNfn) - John Eade, director of equity research at Argus Research, said Wednesday that Palm is poised to benefit from the "rapid expansion" of wireless Internet services. Eade also was upbeat on Juniper as a long-term winner, and on Apple as a good bargain buy.

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Name: Paul, California.

Question: Palm (PALM: Research, Estimates). What is your opinion on Palm's outlook at share value?

Answer: The outlook for Palm is excellent. We recently initiated coverage of this leading computer peripheral company with a "buy" rating. We've already increased our target price once. This company is positioned to benefit from the upcoming rapid expansion of wireless Internet services.

Name: Subash (location unknown).

Question: Juniper Networks (JNPR: Research, Estimates). Will Juniper provide the income I need to retire?

Answer: Juniper is an excellent core holding in the technology sector of a diversified portfolio. It is unlikely that the company will ever pay a dividend, though, as it is plowing its profits -- yes, it has profits! -- back into growth opportunities. I think this company is a long-time winner.

Name: Jade, Georgia.

Question: Xerox (XRX: Research, Estimates). Should I hold 1000 shares of Xerox?

Answer: For the short term, I would not hold Xerox. In fact, we have a "sell" rating on the stock. If your outlook is for two to three years, you may want to hold on. This stock could, on takeover speculation, move back up into the high teens during that time frame.

Name: Angela, New Jersey.

Question: Apple (AAPL: Research, Estimates). What do you think about Apple's recent slide?

Answer: The sell-off in Apple was way overdone. We think the company's new products will continue to generate strong demand. The stock is among the cheapest in the PC sector and a good buying opportunity at these levels.

Name: Brad, Texas.

Question: Oracle (ORCL: Research, Estimates). What are your long-term views on Oracle, considering it has taken a couple of slaps to the face recently?

Answer: Our analyst just got back from the Oracle meeting, and he is bullish on the outlook. No changes in management's guidance. Analysts need to understand software sales cycles. It takes time -- sometimes months -- to launch a product, train the sales force, install initial copies and generate testimonials/references. The ORCL shares are now 33 percent from their all-time highs and a bargain for long-term investors, in our view.

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--compiled by Parija Bhatnagar

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