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Stock picks by the pros
Analysts look for gains the financial, insurance and manufacturing sectors.
August 14, 2002: 1:49 PM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The Dow Wednesday afternoon shrugged off morning losses, and the Nasdaq posted a gain, despite worries over the US Airways bankruptcy filing and the deadline for nearly 700 CEOs to sign off on their company's financial statements.

Dow components in the aviation industry all traded lower as investors feared that other carriers may follow US Airlines in filing for Chapter 11.

For those looking to enter the markets on Tuesday's pullback, two investment strategists appeared on CNNfn to suggest some stocks in the insurance, financial and tobacco sectors.

Timothy Ghriskey, president of Ghriskey Capital Partners, favors companies with conservative businesses. His first suggestion is Boise Cascade.

"This is a pulp and paper stock, which is very leveraged to economic improvement," Ghriskey said. "That's certainly a stock we like a lot."

  graphic  Timothy Ghriskey's picks  
Philip Morris (MO)
SLM Corp. (SLM)
Boise Cascade (BCC)

Philip Morris is Ghriskey's second selection. "It has great cash flow, plus we're coming up to a dividend increase there and it has a high dividend yield," he said.

Ghriskey's final pick is student loan provider SLM Corp., formerly called Sallie Mae. "This is one of the more consistent and lower risk financial stocks out there," he said. "People still go to school and this company has restructured itself into other businesses, and so it's the type of stock that we think is going to consistently deliver to shareholders."

Shares of Boise Cascade (BCC: down $1.01 to $26.73, Research, Estimates) are in a 52-week range of $38.81 to $26.27.

Philip Morris (MO: up $1.04 to $50.39, Research, Estimates) shares have been between $57.79 and $40.30 in the last year.

Shares of SLM Corp. (SLM: Research, Estimates) are in a 52-week range of $99.85 to $74.54.

Ken Tower, chief market strategist with Cyber Trader, recommends a position in AmSouth Bancorp. "This is one of many bank stocks that we expect will be part of the big leadership in the first leg up in the bull market," he said. "AmSouth is mostly a Southern bank and consumer and small business lending looks terrific."

  graphic  Ken Tower's picks  
Aetna (AET)
AmSouth Bancorp. (ASO)

Tower's other selection is health insurance firm Aetna. "The whole health care sector has rebounded very nicely here," he observed. "We think Aetna in particular will be a leader as soon as the market turns, somewhere in the next month-and-a-half."

Shares of AmSouth Bancorp (ASO: up $0.07 to $21.90, Research, Estimates) are in a 52-week range of $23.00 to $16.26.

Aetna (AET: up $1.54 to $43.93, Research, Estimates) shares have been between $51.91 and $24.05 in the last year.  Top of page

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