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'Naked Air' takes off -- all of it
Vacationers shed their shoes, inhibitions and much more on nude flight from Miami to Cancun.
May 7, 2003: 2:04 PM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Now you can sit back, relax, and kick off your shoes -- and everything else you're wearing -- on long flights.

Castaways Travel, a "clothing optional" travel services company based in Houston, offered vacationers a chance to fly clothing-free on a recent flight from Miami to Cancun.

Passengers were required to wear clothes when they checked in and boarded the 170-passenger Boeing 727-200 dubbed "Naked Air," but the Castaways site promised customers that once the plane reached cruising altitude "history will be made."

While clothing was optional, towels weren't; fully-clothed flight attendants provided special commemorative towels for passengers to sit on for hygienic reasons.

A travel agent confirmed that the flight left Miami Saturday and will return Friday. She said this is the only such flight scheduled at the moment, adding the company may organize additional vacation packages for the uninhibited.  Top of page

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