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Romantic getaways
For Valentine's, MONEY picks six spots guaranteed to put some seasonal sizzle into your life.
February 6, 2004: 4:45 PM EST

NEW YORK (Money magazine) - Funny, isn't it, how some places seem to be meant for two?

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Certainly that's often thanks to the associations that we bring to our travels. Sometimes, though, it's the place itself -- you'll catch a glimpse of a great view or look across a square at twilight and know: This was a moment to be shared.

It's a testament to how fond we are of our readers that MONEY has found six romantic getaways, just in time for Valentine's Day, but lovely any time of year.

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Pauline Frommer of Travel Budget magazine reveals best romantic getaways from Paris to Honolulu.

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We picked destinations that are easy to reach, geographically diverse and -- though you need not mention it to your companion -- a great value for the buck. And with the conviction that romance isn't easily branded or mass-marketed, we've chosen one-of-a-kind, and mostly small and independent, hotels, B&Bs and inns.

The prices for accommodations that follow are winter rates, typically in effect through April. Many places, though, will have promotions and last-minute specials, so it pays to investigate.

Keep in mind that at many high-end hotels, the cheapest rooms are overpriced for what you get -- so it's often worth paying a little more for something truly special.

To learn more about one of the getaway destinations, simply click on the images below.

San Francisco Tuscon Galena Quebec City Savannah Negril, Jamaica

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