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America's hottest fund company
Focus long term. Avoid fads. Keep expenses low. It's not exciting, but it works for American Funds.
April 13, 2004: 1:56 PM EDT
By Adrienne Carter, MONEY Magazine

NEW YORK (MONEY Magazine) - The folks at American Funds would be horrified to be called a hot fund company. The 73-year-old money-management firm has never sought out the attention of institutions, individual investors or the media; it avoids publicity like Atkins dieters avoid carbs.

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But like it or not, the Los Angeles-based investment company has found itself in the glare of the spotlight.

Since the beginning of 2002, the unassuming giant has taken in $125 billion -- more than one-quarter of the money shareholders have dumped into mutual funds. Now the challenge for American will be managing that success. Could American buckle under its hefty weight?

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