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Whatever music video you want
Venture between Time Warner's America Online and cable units will make its debut in May.
April 23, 2004: 12:46 PM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Time Warner Inc. is launching an on-demand music video digital cable network, using content from its America Online unit, the company announced Friday.

The new network, called My MC, will be available in May to digital cable subscribers of Time Warner Cable, the nation's No. 2 cable operator, with about 10 million customers.

America Online
Time Warner

AOL for Broadband spokeswoman Anne Bentley said the company is talking to other cable operators about offering My MC on their digital cable tier as well.

The service will feature AOL for Broadband's music content. That includes studio sessions, concert clips and music videos from artists from BMG, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. While Time Warner Cable and AOL are both units of Time Warner, it sold Warner Music in a deal that closed earlier this year. CNN/Money is also owned by Time Warner.

The service will be all available at no additional charge to Time Warner digital cable subscribers who receive its "Favorites on Demand" service.

The company also announced an agreement to provide better cross promotion between AOL for Broadband and Time Warner Cable's high-speed Internet offering, Road Runner.

Under the agreement, Time Warner Cable and Road Runner customers will be able to sample a selection of original and exclusive AOL for Broadband content, while AOL will promote the Road Runner service to its customers looking to upgrade to high-speed Internet connections.

The companies said the agreement will make it easier for consumers signing up for the AOL for Broadband service to place an order for connection to the Internet through Road Runner, where available.  Top of page

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