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Reagan memorabilia flood the market
Some of the offerings include signed memoirs for $4,000 and a $150 Air Force One jelly bean jar.
June 8, 2004: 11:36 AM EDT
By Parija Bhatnagar, CNN/Money staff writer

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - From a $150 Air Force One jelly bean jar bearing Ronald Reagan's signature in gold to his signed memoirs priced at $4,000, the market is suddenly flooded with memorabilia related to the nation's 40th president.

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In fact, online auction site eBay (EBAY: Research, Estimates) had more than 6,300 Reagan-related items listed Monday, with a majority put up for auction over the weekend.

A quick glance at the most recent listings showed plenty of autographed photographs of the nation's 40th president who died Saturday at age 93 after a 10-year battle with Alzheimer's disease.

The bid for a signed napkin from the 1984 presidential election campaign had risen to $200 from $100, while an invitation to the 1981 inauguration had received 9 bids that raised the going price to $51 from $9.99.

Among some of the other popular and even humorous items offered are an authentic jelly bean jar that Reagan -- who loved the candy -- supposedly used aboard Air Force One.

And the asking price for a pair of Ronald and Nancy Reagan caricature bedroom slippers? About $15.

"The Reagan memorabilia runs the gamut of his life, everything from an original bumper sticker from the 1980 election to magazine covers and T-shirts," said Hani Durzy, spokesman for eBay. "It just shows that Reagan had many admirers."

Meanwhile, has put up 18 signed copies of the late president's autobiography, "An American Life," for sale at prices ranging from $500 to $4,000, although the online book marketplace warned it expects those prices to rise.

Pieces of 'history' on eBay: Ron and Nancy slippers (top); Air Force One jelly bean jar (bottom right); autographed 1984 campaign napkin (bottom left).

The best selling book was first published in 1990. said in a statement that its rare copies of the memoirs are inscribed by Reagan to friends. Some copies of the book are also signed by Nancy Reagan.

Representatives of were not immediately available for comment.

On's top 100 bestsellers list Monday, the Reagan books "Reagan: A Life in Letters," "I Love You, Ronnie: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan" and "Ronald Reagan: An American Life" occupied the 20th, 34th and 38th slots.

The top-selling book on Amazon was a memoir written by another former president, Bill Clinton's "My Life," which is scheduled for publication later this month.  Top of page

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