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Banned ads
In the year famous for a 'wardrobe malfunction,' these ads were too hot to handle.
December 15, 2004: 10:12 AM EST

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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The FCC made things tougher for broadcasters who skated too close to decency restrictions. Howard Stern headed for satellite radio. So it's no surprise that a New York bus ad that promised oral sex to boys who read was left at the corner (as soon as blushing transit officials figured out what "get brain" meant to youngsters).

But who knew that Christina Aguilera dressed as a sexy nurse would be more offensive than Aguilera dressed as a sexy teacher?

Here are the ads that were pulled out of the public eye, some at the request of advocacy groups, some at the request of the government, some by networks, and one that was taken off the air when the company advertising had a belated attack of good taste.  Top of page

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