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McDonald's to give away Sega games
Fast-food giant plans to offer a handheld game device with every Happy Meal this holiday season.
December 2, 2004: 4:40 PM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Whether it's in bumper-to-bumper traffic or during flight delays at airports, parents traveling with youngsters will have their hands full.

McDonald's Happy Meals will feature one of eight interactive videogame devices based on Sega's top-selling games.  
McDonald's Happy Meals will feature one of eight interactive videogame devices based on Sega's top-selling games.

For that reason, McDonald's Corp. (Research) is hoping you'll pony up for a distraction, specifically its new Happy Meal toy.

The fast-food giant said Thursday that each Happy Meal purchased between Dec. 3 and Dec. 27 will come with a handheld gaming device -- based on one of Sega's video characters.

The promotion is the second time that McDonald's has cooperated with video game maker Sega. The two teamed up with a similar promotion in the spring of 2003. "That promotion was extremely popular," said Jonni Hegenderfer, a spokeswoman for McDonald's.

McDonald's also is trying to sweeten the deal.

McDonald's said that 2,500 lucky children will find a silver-colored handheld device in their Happy Meal bag. Twenty-five of those will be given a check of $2,500 and could be used to purchase a video gaming system of their choice, according to McDonald's official rules. The other 2,475 who received a silver-colored device will win a Sega video game -- either Sonic Heroes or Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

McDonald's launched its Happy Meal in 1979, and the promotion with Sega is a part of McDonald's "25th Years of Happiness" celebration, said Hegenderfer.  Top of page

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