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A 'Whopper' SpongeBob reward
Burger King offers a year of free burgers for tips leading to return of stolen inflatables.
December 3, 2004: 12:18 PM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Burger King really wants its SpongeBob inflatables back, and the burger chain is even willing to offer a one-year's supply of free Whoppers, salads or any other item on its menu as a reward for information leading to their safe return.

Burger King is offering one year's free supply of food in a bid to stop rash of SpongeBob thefts.  
Burger King is offering one year's free supply of food in a bid to stop rash of SpongeBob thefts.

Miami-based Burger King has been inflicted with a spate of "Spongenappings" that began Nov. 11 in which vandals made off with several gigantic blow-up SpongeBob Squarepants figures that were perched on rooftops of different restaurants across the country.

"As to the motives behind these apparent 'Spongenappings,' we can only speculate. We did receive one ransom note related to an inflatable SpongeBob disappearance in Minnesota," Russ Klein, Burger King's chief marketing officer, said in a statement Friday.

"Burger King Corporation does not condone and strongly discourages anyone from going on rooftops or doing anything illegal to swipe a SpongeBob SquarePants Inflatable," Klein said.

"We are concerned about our missing, massive sponges and the effect their absence is having on SpongeBob fans, employees, children and parents everywhere. We hope the reward will help these AWOL SpongeBobs find their way home," he added.

Anyone with information about the missing SpongeBobs is asked to call (305) 378-3998. If the tip leads to the safe return of the inflatables, the reward will be paid in "Burger Bucks," good for a year's supply of original Whopper sandwiches.

However, the reward only applies to SpongeBobs that were 'Spongenapped' in the month of November, the company said.  Top of page

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