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Lingerie Bowl is back
Alternative Super Bowl halftime show set to return; backlash fear keeps sponsor under wraps for now.
January 4, 2005: 7:49 AM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The Lingerie Bowl is back for this year's Super Bowl halftime, but promoters are keeping the wraps on the show's sponsors, and scrapping the idea for a football game as was played last year.

Last year's premiere of the Lingerie Bowl, featuring models wearing a combination of lingerie and football equipment playing tackle football, caused a stir in the weeks leading up to the event. Automaker Dodge first agreed to sponsor the game, then pulled out due to objections from dealers and other members of the public. An off-shore gambling Web site,, stepped in as a sponsor in mid-January.

Chris Martin of Horizon Productions, the group holding the Lingerie bowl, said in a voice mail message that there will be paid sponsors on the two-hour show, but he said they would not be revealed until a week before the Super Bowl, partly to minimize any "backlash" that might come. He said Horizon also did not want to share attention as it announced its first detailed plans for this show.

Sandra Petko, also of Horizon, said that instead of have the models play a football game again this year, they will participate in "football-related challenges." Models from four different teams will also model lingerie during the show, without the need for any of the protective gear they wore during last year's game.

The first Lingerie Bowl, shown on a pay-per-view basis, was quickly overshadowed by the official Super Bowl halftime show, which included Janet Jackson's now infamous "wardrobe malfunction" that briefly revealed her breast on broadcast television.

Perhaps due to concerns about being overshadowed last year, Horizon's press release also promises the show will include "a shocking moment that will be the absolute talk at the water-cooler on Monday morning."  Top of page

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