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Convertible Ford Mustang unveiled
Drop-top will be available for sale in dealerships in the springtime. Pontiac shows G6 convertible.
January 5, 2005: 11:50 AM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - With some time to spare before summer, Ford is introducing a convertible version of the new Ford Mustang at the Los Angeles Auto Show today.

Ford Mustang convertible  
Ford Mustang convertible

With a base price of $29,995, Ford is touting the V-8 version as the "most affordable 300-horsepower drop-top on the road." The 210-horsepower V-6 version has a base price of $24,995. Both are about $6,000 more than their hardtop counterparts.

The coupe version of the 2005 Mustang, which went on sale in October, has piqued strong consumer interest with its design that resembles a starker version of Mustangs from the late 1960s and early '70s "muscle car" era.

The convertible Mustang is expected to arrive in dealerships in the spring, the company said.

Pontiac G6 convertible

General Motors' Pontiac division is unveiling a convertible version of its new G6, the recently introduced replacement for the company's outgoing Grand Am. The 2-door convertible G6 features a folding hardtop and will be introduced alongside the 2-door coupe version of the car. The version currently available for sale, made famous when 276 of them were given away to Oprah Winfrey guests in September, is a four-door.

Both the convertible and coupe versions will be available in GT and the more powerful GTP versions. The GTP has a 240 horsepower V-6 engine.

Pontiac G6 convertible  
Pontiac G6 convertible
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Both cars have "true 2+2" seating, the company said. The term "2+2" seating usually means that the car has back seats but that they are not designed to be comfortable enough for extended use by adults.

"The G6 coupe delivers outstanding performance and generous interior room, and the G6 is the only hardtop convertible that has room for four adults," said Jim Bunnell, Pontac-GMC General Manager.  Top of page

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