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Bumble Bee now in softgels
Seafood company and Leiner Health Products to market fish oil supplements under the seafood brand.
May 10, 2005: 9:33 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Now Bumble Bee is offering you the benefits of tuna fish in a tiny pill you can take with coffee.

The San Diego-based seafood company announced Tuesday a joint agreement with Leiner Health Products to produce and market fish oil supplements.

Bumble Bee and the manufacturer of vitamins, minerals and supplements will market the softgels under a new Bumble Bee Seafood Supplement label beginning this summer.

"We're pleased to join with Leiner Health Products in launching a product that represents a new category of tremendous growth for Bumble Bee, capitalizing on the healthful attributes of our fish resources and offering consumers another option to increase their omega-3 intake," Bumble Bee President and Chief Executive Officer Christopher D. Lischewski said.

"We're hopeful that our retail buyers will also consider shelving them in the canned seafood section to increase their availability to consumers," he added.

According to Leiner Health Products President Gale Bensussen, the fish oil supplements, high in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, have an omega-3 content that is equal to or higher than any leading brand on the market.

Omega-3 fatty acid benefits have been linked to improved heart health, reduced hypertension, aid in fighting autoimmune diseases and improved mental health.

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