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Ex-porn star faces identity theft charge
Actress known as 'Farrah' busted after allegedly scamming $40,000 from various New Jersey banks.
May 27, 2005: 2:43 PM EDT
Former porn star Farrah, aka Joy Marquart.
Former porn star Farrah, aka Joy Marquart.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The former porn star known as Farrah was busted at a Washington Mutual branch in Emerson, N.J., after allegedly scamming $40,000 from six other New Jersey banks, according to news reports.

Joy Marquart gave a teller a driver's license with the name Olga Mendoza on it but the teller realized the license was a fake and contacted local police, the reports said .

Marquart had allegedly pulled off the identity-theft scams at banks in Emerson, Fair Lawn, Hackensack, Oradell, Ridgewood and Westwood, N.J., in recent months, Emerson Police Detective Sgt. George Buono was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

She walked away with $6,000 to $7,500 each time, he told the newspaper.

Dressed in a black pinstripe business suit and heels, Marquart allegedly used the identification, account numbers and forged IDs of real customers, according to the reports.

Marquart would either ask to cash a phony check or make a withdrawal and then talk on her cell phone during the transaction to prevent tellers from asking too many questions, the reports said.

Police believe the former porn star worked for a New York-based crime ring that specialized in looting legitimate bank accounts, reports said.

"She was walking down the street, shopping in Manhattan when these two men approached her and asked if she wanted to make some fast money, as she put it," Buono was quoted as saying. "She isn't the mastermind by any stretch of the imagination."

Marquart is being held at the Bergen County Jail on charges of theft and attempted theft in lieu of $105,000 bail, according to the reports.

Marquart starred in films in the 1990s with titles such as "Farrah's Deceptive Desires" and "Farrah's All-Girl Adventure 2."

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