Gas prices pop up
Average retail self-serve price goes up 9 cents, according to national survey.

ATLANTA (CNN) - Gas prices rose nearly 9 cents per gallon over the past three weeks, with the cost of self-serve regular averaging $2.30, a national survey showed Sunday.

The Lundberg Survey of about 7,000 gas stations found that the price of gas Jan. 6 was up 8.77 cents from what it had been three weeks prior, on Dec. 16, said survey publisher Trilby Lundberg.

Between the all-time peak prices tallied on Sept. 9 and the survey that was taken Dec. 2, prices had tumbled nearly 88 cents per gallon, only to rebound since then.

"Since that bottoming-out point, it's been a total of nearly 17 cents up," she said.

Lundberg predicted prices will continue to climb, noting that Friday's closing price on the NYMEX for West Texas Intermediate rose $1.42 from what it had been the day before, up more than $6 since Dec. 16.

Though January is the lowest-consumption month for gasoline in the United States, that may not dampen upward price pressure, she said.

The lowest prices were found in Salt Lake City, where drivers paid $2.05 per gallon of self-serve regular; highest were in Honolulu, at $2.59.

Here are some other cities:

--Chicago: $2.43

--Miami: $2.36

--Baltimore: $2.31

--Atlanta: $2.26

--Houston: $2.26

--Los Angeles: $2.26

--Seattle: $2.13 Top of page

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