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Sony to sell 7 million PS3s?
The PS2 may give a boost to Blu-ray, one of the warring next-generation videodisc formats.
By Owen Thomas, Business 2.0 staff writer

SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0) - When Sony's PlayStation 2 came out with a built-in DVD player, it did a lot to advance the format. Partisans of Blu-Ray, a next-generation videodisc, are hoping that Sony's PlayStation 3 will do the same. A Pioneer executive estimates that the PS3 will ship between 4 million and 7 million units at launch.

Google tunes in to radio ads

Former Wall Street Internet analyst Henry Blodget says Google's $1.2 billion buy of dMarc Broadcasting isn't just about radio advertising. Eventually, Google could act as an ad broker in print, television, billboards, and more -- as it does today on the Web.

Nielsen buys buzz-measurement firm

BuzzMetrics has acquired Intelliseek, a rival in the business of mining blogs and other Web sites for consumer views on their corporate customers' products and services. VNU, the parent company of the Nielsen TV ratings business, will hold a stake in the combined business, to be known as Nielsen BuzzMetrics. CEO: Outages happen

Despite a year-long overhaul of the company's hardware and software to make its software-over-the-Web service more reliable, suffered a December outage caused by a code error, CEO Marc Benioff revealed. He said that the new system was designed to stand up to a natural disaster, but not a software bug.

On the browser yesterday: Google Maps turns roofs into billboards, TV shows sold on iTunes get higher ratings on network TV, and more.


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