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Stock opportunity: Pixar and newspapers
Serwer: There's some upside to the studio and newspapers may not be as pounded as people think.

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NEW YORK (Fortune) - It's all about the media, baby ...

PIXAR: Okay the big news is, it looks like the big news might finally be happening! That being, after months of speculation, Disney may finally be buying Pixar, according to the Wall Street Journal. What an indictment of former CEO Michael Eisner this is, by the way. That he couldn't even get a distribution deal done with Steve Jobs, never mind a merger which his successor, Bob Iger, appears to be on the verge of orchestrating. If a Disney/Pixar deal does go through, the paper says Jobs would be the biggest individual Disney (Research) shareholder and would likely join Disney's board. (Jobs, Pixar's Mr. Incredible, currently owns over $3 billion of Pixar stock (Research).) My take? I think it will go down---although negotiating with Jobs must be tough. After that, I would not be surprised if down the road that Disney combines with Apple (Research)! Think about that company. Right now I say that buying some Pixar makes sense, even though the stock is rich. You will get slight premium, if/when Disney buys, and then you would likely be a Disney shareholder, a company where Steve Jobs' influence will hold sway big time. And that is a very very good thing. Just ask Apple shareholders.

GANNETT: There's an interesting story by Matthew Maier of Business 2.0 about how Gannett is getting into the text message business. Seems a little out there, but it's part of a huge struggle by newspapers to try to find a place for themselves in the digital world. I'm not sure that text message is the key to the castle, and no question newspapers are under tremendous pressure. Don Graham at the Washington Post may be closest to figuring it all out, but here's the thing. Newspapers aren't going away. Gannett (Research) has fallen from $90 to $64 over the past two years. It now has a P/E of 12. You buy stocks when they're cheap, not expensive, right?

MBAs: Have you considered going to business school? Maybe you should. 100,000 Americans get MBAs each year, and the pay is su-premo! Average total compensation last year for first year MBAs climbed 13% to, get this, $106 grand. (some $80K in salary, the balance in bonus.) Are MBAs worth it? Yes for employees! No for employers! But don't tell them.....

Loose Change: To the reader who said that Big Paul's football picks were horrible last week. He agrees.... As for movies, Carrie Lee saw 'Match Point', liked it. Thought it was classic Woody Allen, up there with 'Crimes and Misdemeanors', but thought the plot punked out at the end.....


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