Jimmy Carter sells a cabinet for $1M
Chairman of Carter Center board makes winning bid for furniture crafted by former president.

ATLANTA (CNN) - A U.S. president's cabinet can indeed be bought, if you've got enough money.

A cabinet made by former President Jimmy Carter sold Saturday for a record $1 million at auction, the Carter Center said in a news release.

The 14th annual Carter Center Winter Weekend auction in Crested Butte, Colo., benefits the center's work "to advance peace and health worldwide," it said.

"The high bid is widely considered to be the most spent for any item made by a head of state in history, raising the live auction total to $1,653,600," the news release added.

The winning bid was made by the chairman of the center's board of trustees, John Moores and his wife Becky.

"This contribution brings us even closer to the eradication of Guinea worm and the control of river blindness diseases worldwide," the winner said, citing two of the center's international health efforts.

"Also, it will help us continue to spread democratic principles and practices as the center resolves conflicts, observes elections, and establishes freedom of information standards for people in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America."

Sold for $40,000 was a print of Carter's painting of the Japanese garden at the Atlanta center.


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