Armstrong now peddles mutual funds
Paper reports the Tour de France champion will endorse offerings from American Century Investments.

NEW YORK ( - Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong has agreed to endorse a brand of mutual funds, according to a report published Monday.

Armstrong will work with American Century Investments to market a line of funds that will donate a portion of investments to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the cyclist's cancer awareness foundation, the Wall Street Journal said.

The campaign, called "Put Your Lance Face On," will link Armstrong's battle with cancer and multiple Tour de France victories to investing discipline, the newspaper said.

American Century hopes Armstrong will attract investors to its asset-allocation Livestrong Portfolios -- life-cycle funds that vary according to the age of the investor and have different target dates, according to the Journal.

Celebrity endorsements are fairly rare in the financial services industry, the report said. Last year, Fidelity Investments hired former Beatle Paul McCartney to promote its financial products in a nationwide campaign, it added.


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