For Hallmark, love is in the (same) cards
Company says red-and-black design Valentine's Day card was best seller in virtually every U.S. city last year.

NEW YORK ( - Sweethearts nationwide expressed their one-of-a-kind love for their valentine in the same manner last year.

According to Hallmark Cards, the same Valentine's Day card was the No. 1 seller in nearly every city in the nation.

Hallmark says this is the card that was its top seller in every major U.S. city last Valentine's Day.
Hallmark says this is the card that was its top seller in every major U.S. city last Valentine's Day.
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After a magazine asked Hallmark for the best-selling valentine in some major U.S. cities, the card company's research found that Valentine V3305 was the best-selling card in the most popular category and price range last year not just in those cities, but in virtually every city in the country.

The cover of the card features a picture of an open rose against a red-and-black design with "For the one I love" written across the top in large flowing script.

Inside, the card reads, "Each time I see you, hold you, think of you, here's what I do... I fall more deeply, madly, happily in love with you."

Marcia Meulengracht, the designer of the card, said she had to do some convincing to get Hallmark to use her slightly untraditional red-and-black design, but she felt the combination of the words and her design would capture the emotions lovers want to share.

"The design on a valentine is a promise about words, so it has to be emotional -- and accurate," she said.

According to Emily West, a communications professor who has researched the greeting card as a cultural communication vehicle, the card uses imagery and text that is widely shared and understood.

"While the text is very passionate and feels 'personal,' it is not limited to people in a certain kind of relationship and would have slightly different meanings for senders and recipients in various relationships," she said.

Hallmark is also selling the card this Valentine's Day.


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