Cars: What's hot in Geneva
Carmakers roll out new vehicles, redesigns and concepts in Swiss car show opening this week.
By Peter Valdes-Dapena,

NEW YORK ( - If you take a look at the car's being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, which opens to the public Thursday, you'll see some vehicles that look strangely familiar. But then, somehow, not quite.

Check out the Opel GT, for example. Seen it before? It looks a lot like the Saturn Sky, due out this spring. Opel is one of General Motors' European brands. Saturn will be sharing more of its designs with Opel in the future and the Sky is the start of that close relationship.

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Europeans won't get the Opel GT, built in Wilmington, Del., until the spring of next year, though.

The Opel GT will be available only with the high-performance turbo engine that buyers here will be able to get on the Pontiac Solstice GXP. GM has not said, yet, when that engine will be available in the Sky.

If you look at the Chrysler 300C SRT-8 Touring, you'll see another familiar face. You'll also see a familiar back end. But car buyers here in the U.S. don't get to see them together. The 300 Touring is a station wagon version of the 300 sedan. Inside and up front, it's the 300. In back, it's the Dodge Magnum.

European carmakers are introducing vehicles at Geneva that Americans will see here later. Volvo, for example, is unveiling a redesigned S80 sedan while Mercedes-Benz is revealing a slightly redone SL sports car. Aston Martin is also showing off the Rapide concept car, a high-performance four-door hatchback that could see production.

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