Best Bets: 5 vacation homes
These summer-rental ideas offer the best mix of beauty and value.
By Ellen Florian, FORTUNE writer-reporter

NEW YORK (FORTUNE) - Getting away from it all in a fabulous summer rental -- it's what everybody daydreams about this time of year.

But if you're hoping to lock up that adorable cedar-shingled cottage in the Vineyard or that fabulous 8-bedroom place in the Hamptons, plan on mortgaging your real home to foot the bill.

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With rental prices out of control in many of the best-known hotspots, we decided to scout out some lesser known (but just as beautiful) places around the country. We turned to Mark Fioravanti, president of ResortQuest, a company that specializes in managing vacation homes in resort destinations for help.

Our criteria? Scenic spots that had plenty of luxury properties still available for rent this summer. And while none of our picks are cheap, they're relative bargains compared to more overrun destinations (added bonus: unlike a cramped hotel room, you can invite friends and family to join and help shoulder the bill).

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