Pepsi looking to 'Jazz' up colas?
Sources say the No. 2 soft drink company plans to launch new fruit-flavored diet cola brand this summer.
By Parija Bhatnagar, staff writer

NEW YORK ( - Pepsi is expected to launch a new brand of fruit-flavored diet colas this summer called "Jazz," a move that one industry expert says is intended to add "some excitement" to the company's cola offerings.

John Sicher, editor of industry trade publication Beverage Digest, said possible flavors would include strawberries and cream and cherry-vanilla. The brand would belong to the Pepsi trademark although it's not certain whether or not it will also carry the Pepsi name.

The product is expected to launch some time in the summer, Sicher said.

"The diet cola category is still growing and both Coke (Research) and Peps (Research)i already have flavored cola offerings which have done well," Sicher said. "This new product should create some excitement for Pepsi because fruity-flavored drinks right now are popular right now with consumers."

Sicher said it was also unclear whether "Jazz" will become a permanent addition to Pepsi's portfolio but that as the new products are launched, Pepsi will discontinue production of regular and diet Pepsi Twist and regular Pepsi Vanilla.

Coca-Cola Co. already has a black cherry vanilla version of Diet Coke, which it launched in January.

Pepsi spokeswoman Nicole Bradley declined to comment on the story other than to say that the company is "always looking for new ways to grow our portfolio and innovation is very important to us."


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