Help wanted: What the numbers say
The latest data shows why the labor market is starting to shift in job-seekers' favor.
By Owen Thomas, Business 2.0 Magazine online editor

SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0 Magazine) - Recent newspaper headlines don't do much to convey the fact the job market is coming to a boil. But if you look at another set of indicators, you'll get a different picture.

Unlike previous job booms, this one isn't being driven primarily by the creation of new jobs. Instead, it is the ever-growing number of people quitting their jobs to retire, or increasingly, to seek out new opportunities that has created openings which managers need to fill.

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At the same time productivity growth has stalled, making it harder for bosses to squeeze more work out of existing employees -- and hiring an all the more urgent matter.

The result? Unemployment among college graduates has sunk to a level that the economy hasn't seen in years, and the labor market is on fire.

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