Madonna to shake it for H&M
Pop diva and dance troupe will feature in clothing retailer's ad campaign; singer gets her own track suit.

NEW YORK ( - Pop princess Madonna will hit the dance floor for H&M as part of the cheap chic clothing retailer's upcoming ad campaign, according to a H&M statement Thursday.

The material girl will also lend her name to an H&M version of one of her favorite casual getups: a track suit.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the statement said Madonna and her entire tour team will get to choose whatever clothes they want from the Sweden-based retailer's current lineup.

"Partnering up with H&M feels like a perfect fit," Madonna said in the statement. "We'll all get to express ourselves in our own individual ways. The dancers and I are excited to go shopping together."

Madonna kicked off her Confessions Tour in May, and commercials for H&M will feature her and her dancers. The track suit will be available at H&M in mid-August.

Madonna was a poster girl for the Gap when she appeared in an ad campaign during the fall of 2003.


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