Barf bag billboards
In the race to cut costs and raise revenue, U.S. Airways plans on selling ad space on air sickness bags, paper says.

NEW YORK ( -- Some might call it a stoop to new levels. No, make that a doubling over.

In a scramble for any new revenue amid soaring fuel costs and cutthroat competition, a report Thursday said U.S. Airways plans to sell ads on one more in-flight item: the barf bag.


Passengers "can't open the seat back without seeing the sack itself or removing it inadvertently," airline spokesman Phil Gee told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, adding: "A little color won't hurt it."

The paper said the move made sense for U.S. Air, which was the first airline after Sept. 11, 2001 to charge passengers for meals and sell ad space on tray tables and the little napkins that come with drinks.

The report said the airsickness bag is a holdover from the early days of aviation, which were hot and full of severe turbulence, but are seldom used today.

No word on what companies might want their logo on the bags, but a separate report said the smart money was betting on ones that sell motion sickness drugs.

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