Ford's 'Way Forward' cars
These are the new and redesigned cars and trucks Ford needs to score big on to win.
By Peter Valdes-Dapena, staff writer

NEW YORK ( -- The advice commonly offered to Ford Motor Co., usually with a coarse chuckle and a sneer, is "Why don't they just build better cars."

If only it were that easy.

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To be perfectly fair, Ford (Charts) doesn't build uniformly bad cars. They have some genuine winners out there, like the hugely popular Mustang and the new Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans.

Unfortunately, Ford doesn't uniformly build great cars, either. That's a particular problem since the company is still distancing itself from the bad old "Fix Or Repair Daily" days. This company needs really compelling products to convince buyers to give them another chance.

"Better" cars aren't enough. Ford needs "great."

Some upcoming redesigns are aimed at turning some of Ford's better "pretty good" cars and trucks -- like the Ford Five Hundred sedan and Escape SUV -- into the kind products the company needs now.

There aren't many really new models, though. The ones planned look intriguing, as plans usually do. If only they make it to market with all their potential intact.

To see more of what Ford has coming down the "Way Forward" see our gallery.

Gallery: Ford's "Way Forward" cars

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