Sector winners, losers if Dems win House

With Election Day less than a week away, capture could send a ripple effect across a number of industries.

By David Ellis, staff writer

NEW YORK ( -- If recent polls about next week's mid-term election bear out, House Democrats could be smiling once the final numbers are in.

Right now, most surveys indicate the Democrats have an excellent chance of winning majority control of the House of Representatives, breaking the GOP's 12-year long grip.

Futures markets suggest there's even a chance they could take the Senate as well.

Not surprisingly, a Democrat win in the House would virtually ensure political gridlock with the White House still under Republican control, stalling most major legislative initiatives on either side.

But it could also have some pretty serious economic ramifications across a number of sectors.

A Democrat-controlled House of Representatives could derail the oil and gas sector, affecting such industry giants as Exxon Mobil (Charts), while defense outfits such as Halliburton (Charts) and pharma firms such as Pfizer (Charts) may face heightened regulations and restrictions.

But there could be some victors as well.

A win for Democrats could benefit such government-sponsored enterprises as Fannie Mae (Charts) or Freddie Mac (Charts), while protectionist legislation could gain new life under a Democrat-controlled House, helping such companies as U.S. Steel (Charts).

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