Holiday spending on the rise

Survey says Americans expect to give more presents this year; tech gadgets among hottest items.

NEW YORK ( -- Holiday spending is on the rise this year, and a lot of those dollars will be spent on consumer electronics, according to a new survey.

The outlook for consumer spending this season is more upbeat than it was last year, according to independent research firm ChangeWave Research.

Some 36 percent of survey participants said they will spend more over the holidays. Last year, just 27 percent of respondents said they would spend more.

About 52 percent of participants said they will spend more on electronic gadgets like digital cameras, Apple's (Charts) iPods, laptops and high definition TVs.

Besides tech toys, consumers are expected to spend more on restaurants and everyday entertainment during the holidays.

Nearly 3,500 members of the ChangeWave Alliance, a group of business, tech and medical professionals, participated in the survey.

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