Teaching English to Spanish-speaking employees

A new company called TV Trainer offers a series of language videos designed to help people learn workplace English, but can it beat more established rivals?

By Emily Maltby, FSB Magazine

(FSB Magazine) -- Employers and their workers often don't speak the same language. A new company called TV Trainer hopes to change that with a series of videos designed to teach Spanish-speaking employees workplace English. But for the Edina, Minn., firm to succeed, it will have to compete against established teaching practices that have been used and tweaked for years. Here's how it stacks up against other teaching tools.

TV Trainer

For $400, these DVDs and videos can teach large groups of employees at once, but there's no live teacher to correct enunciation and other mistakes. (tvtrainer.tv)

Executive Language Training

This firm offers 30 hours of live classroom training for about $3,000 and teaches both writing and presentation skills. But the training must be repeated for every wave of new employees. (eltlearn.com)

Tell Me More

This Phoenix firm's $250 software can teach only computer-literate employees. (auralog.com)

Word power: Teaching software for illiteracy

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