Jeep, Marvel, public team in ad venture

SUV-maker is latest advertiser to let consumers direct content of ad campaign to be created by Marvel.

NEW YORK ( -- Jeep is the latest advertiser to turn to its customer for help creating its next ad campaign.

The DaimlerChrysler (Charts) brand is teaming with comic-book publisher Marvel Entertainment (Charts) starting an online campaign at noon ET Thursday in which users who register at a Web site will be able to submit dialogue and plot developments for an online comic called "The Patriot Factor," which will promote its Patriot compact SUV.

The Detroit News reports that the comic, which can be viewed at, will feature four characters and, of course, a Patriot SUV, who will be battling villains and trying to solve a mystery.

"It's all about connecting people to the brand and involving them to the Jeep experience," James Kenyon, Chrysler spokesman, told the paper.

The use of consumer-directed advertising is a hot trend right now. During this year's Super Bowl, commercials for Pepsico's (Charts) Doritos, General Motors' (Charts) Chevrolet and the NFL Network aired that were either created by or inspired by ideas from everyday people. Advertisers are also creating more campaigns specifically for online viewership, rather than simply airing television ads over the Internet.

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