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My competitors keep hiring illegals!

The owner of a floor-covering store is frustrated that his competitors are cutting costs by hiring illegal immigrants.

By Anne Fisher, FSB Magazine

(FSB Magazine) -- Dear FSB: I have the same problem you mentioned in "Blowing the Whistle on Illegals." I own a floor-covering store, and a competitor has taken a lot of business from me because he hires illegal immigrants and can do everything cheaper. What can I do to stop this? --Name withheld, Georgia

Dear Georgia: If you don't plan to sue your rival, as the entrepreneur in our story did, you can report him to the feds.

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The president of Golden State Fence in Riverside, Calif., just got sentenced to probation for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. Send a letter to the Special Agent in Charge of your regional Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office (

ICE spokeswoman Pat Reilly says the agency has never heard of any tipster being sued by someone he turned in for hiring illegals. But if you are worried that your identity may become known, call ICE's anonymous toll-free hotline at 866-347-2423.

Would you hire illegals for your business? Do you think it's an unfair advantage? Would you report a competitor who hired illegal workers? Post your thoughts on the Ask FSB blog.  Top of page

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