AAA offers gas-saving tips

Pushing the pedal to the metal will burn a hole through drivers' pockets as prices reach record highs.

By Keisha Lamothe, staff writer

NEW YORK ( -- Slow down, drivers! Easing up on the gas pedal could help you save money as gasoline prices continue to surge to record highs.

As the summer driving season draws near, motoring and travel service provider AAA is offering advice on how to save money at the pump.

For most vehicles, significantly more fuel is used when traveling more than 60 miles per hour, AAA said.

In fact, each 5 mph over 60 mph you drive is comparable to paying an additional 20 cents per gallon for gas. So leave the fast driving for the race tracks.

Drivers should also avoid quick starts and sudden stops. Stop-and-go driving wastes fuel and is harder on vehicle components.

Keeping a routine maintenance schedule also helps extend the life of the vehicle and promote maximum fuel efficiency. Checking the tire pressure, changing the oil regularly, and keeping components properly lubricated are ways to avoid burning fuel too fast. .

AAA has a Fuel Cost Calculator at It can help consumers budget the amount of gas they are likely to use on a long-distance trip.

At the site, consumers enter their starting and ending point of destination and the type of vehicle being driven. The site calculates the miles driven, the amount of fuel that will be used and the cost. The calculator can also help motorists determine which vehicle would be the most cost effective to drive, if they have more than one to choose from.

If you're looking for more ways to save on gas, other Web sites including and, help consumers find the cheapest gas in their area.  Top of page