Election 2008: Who's hot, who's not

Will hot sauce bottles labeled with candidates' faces foretell the election results?

By Daniel Tam-Claiborne, FSB contributor

(FSB Magazine) -- The first official votes of the 2008 presidential cycle won't be counted until the Iowa caucuses next January, but Dave Hirschkop, founder of Dave's Gourmet (davesgourmet.com), based in San Francisco, is giving Americans a chance to cast their ballots now by purchasing a bottle of his company's hot sauce.

Each bears a caricature of a candidate - the top Democratic and Republican hopefuls, plus Nunov Deabove and, for kicks, Dave himself.


Who's hot? In late July, Nunov Deabove edged out former front-runner Barack Obama.

Perhaps as a subtle comment on the quality of the political discourse, every bottle is filled with Cool Cayenne, the blandest of the 16 varieties in Dave's catalog.

Profits from the promotion will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Top of page

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