Why Buona Beef has a cult following

A mouthwatering Italian specialty inspires loyalty and repeat visits in Chicago.

(FSB Magazine) -- Long before I moved to California and started my own business, Wizard Graphics (wgiprint.com), I spent almost two years in Chicago. It's my wife's hometown, so she introduced me to the best local food - including Italian beef.

Hardly anyone outside the city knows what it is, but in Chicago it's a religion: the most flavorful beef on a roll with pickled vegetables and hot peppers. You dip it in spicy jus, and it falls apart in your hands.


Years ago I discovered we could get it shipped from Buona Beef in Chicago (buona.com), but that hasn't stopped us from getting a fix from Buona the restaurant the second we get to town. Last time, we stopped on the way to my brother-in-law's from the airport - only to find him awaiting us at home in his car, eager to take us out for Italian beef! Not wanting to ruin his day, we happily went for more.  Top of page

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