A touch of Paris...in San Francisco

A local newsstand draws Francophiles with its authentic ambiance.

(FSB Magazine) -- My interior design business, Randall Koll Lifestyle & Design (randallkoll.com), takes me on frequent trips to France, where I wish I could just relax at my favorite cafés but hardly ever have the time. So when I come home to San Francisco, I go to Café de la Presse (cafedelapresse.com).

The space looks as if it were imported from Paris, down to the marble-topped tables where you can order a croissant or a frisée salad with lardons and a poached egg. It carries more than 200 magazines from around the world, many of which I can't find anywhere else - for example, Gap Presse, an Italian design magazine. I always get World of Interiors from England, Elle Décor from France, and Casa Vogue from Spain. On my last visit, I found Zimbabwe House & Garden! Who knew there was such a thing?


The stock turns over quickly, so I stop by three times a week. I grab a stack, get a glass of wine, and for half an hour I'm in France again.  Top of page

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