Ford recalls 1 million trucks for faulty gas tanks

August 1, 2011: 4:52 PM ET
Ford is recalls F-150's, F-250's an because straps that secure the gas tank could rust and break.

Ford is recalling over a million F-series and Lincoln Blackwood trucks because straps that hold up the gas tank could rust and break.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Ford Motor Co. is recalling 1.1 million full-size pickups in the U.S. because straps securing the gas tank to the vehicle could rust, allowing the tank to come loose and drag on the ground.

The recalled trucks include model year 1997 through 2003 F-150 trucks, some model year 1997 through 1999 F-250's, and some 2002 to 2003 Lincoln Blackwood trucks -- a luxury version of the F-150.

The trucks being recalled are in states with cold climates where road salts are commonly used. The salts can hasten corrosion of fuel tank straps that hold up the gasoline tank.

Ford (F, Fortune 500) is aware of three fires and one injury that have resulted from the problem, Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood said.

Ford dealers will replace the gas tank straps on recalled trucks free of charge, installing straps made from a more rust-resistant material.

The Ford F-series truck has been the best-selling U.S. passenger vehicle for nearly 30 years. To top of page

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