Tesla introduces new $75,000 car: the Model S 70D

Tesla's new entry-level car, the Model S 70D, is $5,000 more than the current Model S, which is being removed from the lineup.  More

Worried about a gas price spike? Now there's gas insurance offers protection against a gas price spike by allowing consumers to lock in a $2.75 a gallon price now.  More

The Fast and The Furious cars

There are a few cars that stand out in all seven of the 'Fast and Furious' films, many of them happen to be Dodge Chargers.  More

Cool cars from the New York Auto Show

These are some of the stand-out cars and trucks on display as automakers reveal their latest models and concepts.  More

Driverless car finishes 3,400 mile cross-country trip

Auto parts maker Delphi finishes cross-country trip in a car that automatically drives itself.  More

Honda unveils redesigned, sportier Civic

Honda tries to put recent Civic woes behind it with a significantly designed compact model.  More

New Cadillac with nifty security feature unveiled

The new Cadillac CT6 has outward facing cameras activated by the security system.  More

World's worst cities for rush hour traffic

So you thought your city had the worst rush hour traffic in the world?  More

Land Rover's new $200,000 SUV is most expensive ever

Land Rover unveils SVAutobiography with a price tag just under $200,000.  More

Toyota's Rav4 gets cheap automatic braking

Toyota offering package of safety features including automatic braking crash avoidance option for between $300 to $500.  More

Ford's big Lincoln Continental is coming back

New full-size Lincoln aims to bring serious respect to Ford's luxury division.  More

Chinese-owned Volvo to open first U.S. car factory

Volvo will invest $500 million to build its first car plant in the U.S., hoping to revive sales.  More

Mercedes-Benz to make a pickup truck

The German luxury automakers is planning a mid-sized truck for markets outside the U.S.  More

How Ferrari maintains its mystique

Just having enough money doesn't mean you can be first in line for the next new Ferrari.  More

New Ford car automatically obeys speed limits

If you won't stop speeding, the S-Max will do it for you.  More

Aston Martin unveils its future

The new CEO of the British performance car icon revealed his plans for the future at the Geneva Motor Show.  More

Self driving car starts cross-country trip, but stops for lunch at In and Out Burger!

Auto parts maker Delphi launched its cross-country trip Sunday, starting at the Golden Gate Bridge and heading to midtown Manhattan, in a car that automatically drives itself.  More

Teen drivers: Buckle up and lower the volume, Dad's monitoring you

Parents can pre-set the car to give visual and audible warnings when teens exceed preset speeds. If teens ignore them, the system will rat them out to mom and dad.  More

Branson: Virgin might make an electric car

VIrgin Group founder indicates he might be up the challenge of making a mass market electric car.  More

GM CEO Mary Barra to be quizzed over botched recall

Barra will be deposed on October 8 by lawyers representing those suing GM over the defective ignition switches that equipped millions of vehicles.  More

Tesla: Now there's no excuse for running out of juice

Tesla's latest software update should give peace of mind to those worried about losing their charge out on the road.  More

GM puts brakes on its Russian operations

From now on, the global automaker will sell only its most profitable vehicles in Russia. Opel will leave the country entirely.  More

This flying car will be ready for take off in 2017

Slovakian company says the AeroMobil 3.0 will be on the market by 2017.  More

Orders suspended for Challenger Hellcat

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has temporarily stopped taking orders for the 707-horsepower muscle car after sales take off too fast.  More

China's state broadcaster targets foreign automakers

Foreign automakers and car dealers from Land Rover to Volkswagen came under fire on Sunday when China's state television broadcaster accused the industry for selling defective products and overcharging customers.  More

Elon Musk: Tesla Model S will go farther on a charge

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that Model S cars are about to get a range boost.  More

Self driving car set for cross country trip

Auto parts Delphi announced Saturday a plan to have a team of engineers make a trip from the Golden Gate Bridge to midtown Manhattan in a car that automatically drives itself.  More

GM recalls 64,000 Chevy Volts for shut off problem

The electric Chevy Volt is so quiet that some people forget to to shut it off. A software update will make sure it stops running automatically.  More

Apple investors dream of Tesla tie-up

Apple CEO Tim Cook dodges questions from shareholders about buying Tesla. But the idea may not be completely out of left field.  More

Goodyear tires could power electric cars

Goodyear unveils new tires that charge electric cars through friction of movement.  More

Tesla cuts jobs after weak China sales

After pulling in poor China sales, Tesla is axing jobs.  More

Cool cars from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

These are some of the stand-out cars and trucks on display at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.  More

$400,000 GT to be most expensive Ford ever

Production of the car will be limited to only 250 a year. Price is comparable to the Lamborghini Aventador.  More

Meet the Rolls-Royce spa on wheels

This one-of-a-kind Rolls-Royce Phantom, unveiled in Geneva, is called 'Serenity' for a reason. Bespoke silk and hand-painted flowers adorn the interior of this zen-mobile.  Play

Koenigsegg's super hybrid: Zero to 248 in less than 20 seconds

Koenigsegg plans to build 80 of the super hybrid Regera over the next five years, for $1.9 million each.  More

Dodge warns that its own dealers are scamming customers

Dodge says a "small number" of its dealers are taking deposits for cars they won't be able to deliver to customers.  More

Hyundai recalls 200,000 vehicles for power steering defect

Hyundai said a power steering defect could increase the risk of a crash in some of its Elantra sedans and hatchbacks.  More

Consumer Reports' Top Picks - American cars are back

The magazine's favorite cars include three American models for the first time in years, thanks to a big boost from Tesla.  More

Driving Tesla's 'insane' Model S

The Tesla P85D is roomy, quiet, comfortable and it's quicker than an Italian supercar.  More

Warren Buffett's Cadillac sells for $122,500

Proceeds from the sale, which ran for nine days, will go to Girls Incorporated of Omaha, a local chapter of the national group formerly known as the Girls Club of America.  More

Rolls-Royce says it's making an SUV

There are no images of the vehicle yet - and no due date - but someday soon the Rolls-Royce will offer its own SUV for sale.  More

Warren Buffett endorses European bikers

Warren Buffett is reportedly getting chummy with the biker community after his investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway, bought a motorcycle gear company.  More

Ultra-luxury SUVs on the way

These upcoming models will raise the bar on what an SUV can be.  More

Nokia is paving the way for driverless cars

Before they can drive, automated cars need super-maps. Nokia is on it.  More

European car sales recovery picks up pace

New car registrations in the European Union rose 6.7% in January on the previous year, to nearly 1 million vehicles.  More

2014: year of the recalls

More vehicles were recalled in 2014 than in any other year, ever.  More

Elon Musk's 'insane' call: Tesla worth $700 billion

The Tesla CEO isn't worried about his company's surprise loss. He thinks the company could be worth as much as Apple in 10 years.  More

The car of the future

The auto industry is undergoing more changes now than any time in the last 80 years. What it will look like for you will largely depend on where you live.  More

Nissan GTR: No longer a cheap supercar alternative

Breaking the six-figure price barrier, the Nissan GTR has defected from the cheap supercar club.  More

Best cars for planet Earth

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy calls these the "Greenest cars" you can buy.  More

You can buy Warren Buffett's Cadillac

The 'Oracle of Omaha' is auctioning off his 2006 Cadillac DTS to raise money for a local charity.  More

Driverless car debuts on U.K. roads

The first driverless car to hit the roads in the U.K. launched Wednesday, its prototype roaming the footpaths of London's Greenwich.  More

Subaru WRX sibling rivalry

The WRX STI has always been on top of Subaru's pedestal, but its cheaper sibling is aiming to knock it off.  More

Toyota ordered to pay $11.4 million in fatal Camry crash

A jury in Minneapolis found Toyota responsible for a deadly crash that was caused by unintended acceleration. The driver, Koau Fong Lee, spent more than two years in jail.  More

GM's total recall cost: $4.1 billion

GM's record number of recalls in 2014 resulted in a drop in operating earnings despite improved sales.  More

Ford's 300 horsepower Focus baby beast

The new high-performance Focus RS will be sold in the U.S. for the first time.  More

Ferrari reveals new 488 GTB sports car

The Ferrari 488 GTB has a 660 horsepower turbocharged V8 engine and replaces the 458 model.  More

200,000 Jeeps recalled for airbag issue

A software problem could cause airbags to deploy without a crash.  More

51 deaths linked to GM ignition switch flaw

More than 4,180 claims have been filed to Kenneth Feinberg against General Motors, alleging the automaker's vehicles with faulty ignition switches caused deaths and injuries.  More

2.1 million cars recalled for crash sensors

More than 2.1 million vehicles from several automakers are being recalled for an issue with a sensor that could cause airbags to deploy for no reason.  More

U.S. cracks down on shady '0%' loan companies

The Federal Trade Commission accuses two companies with failing to disclose the onerous terms of no-cost loans made using a borrower's car title as collateral.  More
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