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Consumer group seeks FDA-approved nanotech
In what may prove a blow to the emerging nanotech market, a coalition of consumer advocacy groups has asked the the Food and Drug Administration to more closely regulate the use of nanoparticles in sunscreens and other consumer cosmetics. The Washington Post broke the story, which has set off a stir among the libertarian set so prevalent in tech circles.

One Slashdot user pointed out that nanotechnology encompasses a wide range of products: "Hell, why not ask the FCC to regulate nanotechnology. It would make just as much sense..." At Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds suggests the nanotech industry is now paying the price for not having clearly differentiated between harmless "fake" nanotech used in cosmetics, and the more "spooky" stuff that might well have adverse health implications. Overshadowing the debate, of course, is Bill Joy's apocalyptic vision of a self-replicating gray goo made of nanobots that could destroy the world.
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