The Jiffy Lube of tech support
HiWired, a two-year-old Massachusetts startup that offers tech-support services, has raised $5 million in a first round of venture funding. Perhaps past experience with unhelpful and costly tech-support services prompts Alarm:Clock to report on the funding with more than its usual effusiveness, praising the service's low-priced fees for over-the-Internet computer tune-ups and repairs. Could HiWired become the Jiffy Lube of tech support? Alarm:Clock is optimistic: "If HiWired can continue to maintain good attitudes amongst its technicians as it grows, plus figure out a cost effective way to market their service, we think this could be a keeper."
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I used HiWired and they removed my virus when others couldn't, and they did it all remotely!
Posted By Andy, Boston, MA : 1:41 PM  

We're doing our best to be a great service. It's part of my job, and everyone else's here, to make sure we do.
Posted By Peter bernard, Middleboro, Mass. HiWired Escalations Team : 1:45 PM  

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