There is no "i" in "Mac"
When Steve Jobs unveiled the cuddly, round Bondi blue iMac in 1998, he revived the company's sales -- and launched a new naming scheme for Apple's computers. The low-end machines got an "i"-for-"Internet" prefix -- iMac desktops and iBook laptops -- while the high-end machines got a "Power" prefix -- Power Macs and PowerBooks. But when Apple switched last year from PowerPC chips to Intel chips, the "Power" moniker seemed outdated. The PowerBook was renamed the MacBook Pro, and the iBook has been replaced by the MacBook. And now, apparently, Jobs has decided there is no "i" in "Mac," either. MacRumors reports that Apple has trademarked the name "Mac Pro" in the U.S., following a similar move in New Zealand. Assuming that Power Macs will become Mac Pros, it stands to reason that the iMac will simply be known as the Mac. Welcome back to Macintosh.
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