Web activists post Halliburton satire

You've already read about how global warming can be good for business. So it was perhaps inevitable that someone would send up today's latest environmentalist punching bag, Halliburton. A web parody of Halliburton claims to offer "SurvivaBalls" that allow corporate managers to escape the dire effects of global warming. Faked quotes from Halliburton executives include this gem: "It's a gated community for one." CorpWatch was quick to attribute the satire to the Yes Men, an activist group that has previously mocked the World Trade Organization. Indeed, the halliburtoncontracts.com website is registered to one "Alfred Barbalunga," with a gatt.org email address -- another domain name registered by the Yes Men. Halliburton spokeswoman Cathy Mann did not respond to the Browser's request for comment.
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