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Apple MacBook shipments soar
Taiwan is the epicenter for the contract manufacturers who actually make the laptops sold by Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and others -- and that makes it the place to go for the latest scuttlebutt on sales data. According to DigiTimes, a local technology publication, shipments of Apple's new MacBook laptop have jumped 20 percent month-over-month, and overall sales of both MacBooks and MacBook Pro laptops are expected to jump to 3 million units in 2006, a 39 percent increase over last year. Apparently, reports of problems with discolored cases on some MacBooks haven't slowed sales, as Apple quickly moved to replace the plastic it used with a more stain-resistant material. At the Apple Core blog, Jason O'Grady says he's not surprised by the MacBook's brisk sales: "Pound-for-pound the MacBook probably has the best-price performance ratio of any Mac ever released." Could the MacBook be cheap and powerful enough to boost Apple's market share?
Posted by Owen Thomas 10:21 AM 1 Comments comment | Add a Comment

once again another craze. I say Buy Buy buy there stock
Posted By Gabe DenverCo : 12:16 PM  

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