Google News out of beta -- but still buggy
When Google News ended its three-year-long testing period in January, it had already become legendary for spending such a long time in beta. Now, though, it looks like it's time to send Google News back to the shop. InfoWorld columnist Jon Udell points out that his magazine's stories still don't appear in Google News. He quizzed a Google rep, who conceded that InfoWorld met all of Google News's unpublished requirements for inclusion, and that InfoWorld's stories weren't being indexed correctly.

Let's run through Google News's post-beta track record on the sources it includes: Respected computer-trade publication, no; made-up press releases, yes. Until it gets better, we're going to keep calling Google News a beta.
Posted by Owen Thomas 11:13 AM 2 Comments comment | Add a Comment

I think your just jealous, MR.CNN... who cares what you call it, google is the best search engine on the planet, be it for news or any other topic.
Posted By Brian, Los Angeles - California : 8:10 PM  

Google is good for one thing. Search. I don't use any of their other products because they are always half as good as the other products on the market (except Maps I like the nifty satellite images). I've searched Google News a few times, but I found it very cluttered. I don't understand any of the Google hype; I do not know anyone who actually clicks on the ads.
Posted By Bob G. Omaha, Nebraska : 1:51 AM  

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