Patent pain for Boston Communications Group
Friday was a tough day for Boston Communications Group. First, BCGI, a fast-growing provider of cell-phone billing services, coughed up $55.3 million to Freedom Wireless to settle an ugly patent dispute. That payout was actually part of a larger $87 million settlement, reports the Boston Globe, involving several other wireless companies, all of whom were allegedly infringing Freedom's patents on prepaid wireless services. " (Is it just us, or has it been a good year for patent holders?)

The good news for BCGI? notes it had already accrued a $64 million charge related to the case - so the company actually came out $9 million ahead. The stock doubled on the news, jumping $2.09 to $4.01, its largest-ever gain since it went public in 1996. But then came more bad news: The SEC has begun an "informal" review of the company's option pricing practices. Who said life in Boston was sleepy?
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