Still trying to unwire the Valley
You'd think Silicon Valley would be bathing in Wi-Fi at this point. But aside from Google's Mountain View network and MetroFi's coverage areas in Cupertino, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale, all that the denizens of tech's epicenter can get for the most part is the odd coffee-shop hotspot here or there.

That's why Wireless Silicon Valley, a government and industry consortium, is taking bids to build out a 1,500-square-mile Wi-Fi network covering a broad swath of the suburbs and office parks that sprawl between San Francisco and San Jose. The San Jose Mercury News reported that seven bidders submitted proposals on Friday. MetroFi was among those who threw their hats in the ring, but curiously, the 21talk blog notes, Google and EarthLink, which partnered on a winning bid to build a Wi-Fi network in San Francisco, stayed out of the bidding this time. Perhaps Google, which recently discovered that it will have to install more pricey access points to provide adequate coverage in Mountain View, is losing its appetite for expensive Wi-Fi projects.
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