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U.S. to cede control of Internet -- eventually
At what The Register breathlessly describes as a meeting that "will go down in history," the U.S. government conceded Wednesday that it would give up its "control" of the Internet. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -- the outfit that doles out domain names and numerical IP addresses -- has long been overseen by the Department of Commerce, an arrangement other countries find most unsatisfactory. Ars Technica, however, notes that the issue of U.S. dominance over the Internet comes up regularly, and that this week's concession makes no short-term promises. For now, "things are not about to change."

Naturally, the conversation is heated on Slashdot. Some applaud the internationalist spirit: "We actually did something in the spirit of cooperation with other countries," writes one wag. "I think my head is going to explode." Others are more cautious, however. "I fear that Internet regulation will devolve into Internet bureaucracy and politicization, a la the United Nations." Finally, some commenters are downright revolutionary: "I've often said that the only way you can solve most of the issues revolving around the Internet today is to make it a sovereign nation."

Who do you think should govern the Internet?
Posted by Oliver Ryan 8:27 AM 2 Comments comment | Add a Comment

The US should retain all control of the internet as we invented it and financed the backbone. Its too useful of a tool to be controlled by a group hostile to our interest. The UN is not the answer. We should have forums with other nations and listen to their ideas but have the final say on any changes. If they don't like it they can build their own and compete like good capitolist.
Posted By Robert Miller, OP, KS : 1:40 PM  

Our young country acts like a naive teenager. We give away our inheritance for one day of social world acceptance. Cunning old empires are waiting to rip us to shreds and feast on our folly as we give away our most prized possessions. The unimaginable fraud that will rip through the world as we release order into chaos will be a plague on humanity. Then the very same people we gave power to will curse us and blame us for it.
Posted By George, Plano TX : 6:16 PM  

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