Apple's Web tools just aren't working
Apple's .Mac service -- a $99-a-year subscription package of email, Web storage, and other online services -- is struggling. "Over the past four days," reports, ".Mac users have struggled to get its Web site publishing features, iWeb, and related file-share capabilities, iDisk, to work." It seems Apple is looking into the problems, but not soon enough to quell unrest in the active Apple forums. One unimpressed user is tech blogger Om Malik, who calls the service "dotLame": "My email has been delayed or has gone into the ether, prompting me to switch to a different email address for now." All this is giving lie to Apple's smug new "It Just Works" ad campaign.

And, worse, there's no longer anyone around to cool the flames, since Apple has reportedly fired its forum hosts, and is now questioning the value of forums where its customers can rant and rave altogether. Some forum participants fear the firings are a prelude to a complete shutdown of the forums. That certainly would be in character for a painfully tight-lipped Apple. Obviously, if you're going to overpromise and underdeliver, it's best to undercommunicate.
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This is a ridiculously biased article.
Posted By Adam, Salem OR : 11:59 AM  

iThink these guys work for Microsoft.
Posted By David, Tyler, Texas : 12:53 PM  

Apple products are notoriously built on little white lies ... and the business press is universally snowed. I swear i will not buy business2.0 ever again if the ipod AGAIN wins a category in the design issue. Time to fire FrogDesign as judges, too. What year is this? 1996?
Posted By scott, san francisco CA : 1:10 PM  

Wow, Adam and David, I'm impressed. When you read something you don't like, instead of engaging the points being debated, you attempt to undermine the credibility of the author... that's awfully Republican of you two.
Posted By Joe, Cambridge MA : 5:52 PM  

I think we knew about Apple's failure from the 80's...why are we NOW talking about them? I would never buy a product from them.
Posted By NJ : 8:52 AM  

.Mac? It seems the public has short memories. Or don't you remember another Apple try at online services "AppleLink". After Apple bailed on that one, it's new owners renamed it AOL. Well, they can't seem to give that one away anymore...
Posted By ECBallard, Phila. PA : 9:55 PM  

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