Lenovo preloads Linux
It's been one of the great frustrations of Linux fans: The inability to buy a laptop off the shelf with the Linux operating system installed on it. Instead, Linux lovers have to buy a Windows machine -- and pay money indirectly to Microsoft for the operating system that's preloaded on it -- and then install Linux over it.

But now Lenovo, which bought IBM's PC business in 2004, is rolling out a Linux version of its famed ThinkPad notebook. They're not cheap, however: A model with a 14-inch screen goes for $3,099. With that kind of money you could buy almost three of Apple's MacBooks -- which, we should point out, runs Mac OS X, a Unix-based operating system that's similar in many ways to Linux.
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Furthermore, the white or titanium Intel MAC can dual boot to run Window XP, and look way cooler than a black IBM. You also have a choice of not buying the Microsoft OS.
Posted By Mike, DC : 5:17 PM  

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